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Identity of Europe?

Identity of Europe?

An individual without identity is a zombie. Since there are no zombies, except in extreme cases of severe brain injury and mental illness, there is no person (memetic entity) without identity.

Individual and Community

A community without identity is not a community but a gang of individuals. Individuals who form a community form it by shaping the community’s identity through the interplay of the identities of the individuals. The community emerges simultaneously from the interplay of individual identities but is also the result of rational decisions and management.

Identity management

The identity of an individual or a community is not something abstract (uncontrollable) but a set of values whose complex interrelations create coherent stories that the community members can understand as part of their meaning (existence). Every single value is different. It can only be subjected to governance (governance of common identities) if it is clearly distinguishable.

Managing a common identity means creating meaning(s) around the individual values and stories they form in relationships so that most or all members of such a community identify with them. Such common values become binding through identification (integrating shared values into a system of single values).

Size matters

The community is as strong as the power of common values. Power manifests itself in the members’ commitment to these values. The larger or more heterogeneous the community, the less powerful it is.

Economy and values

Economy as a result of interactions between (free) individuals is the result, not the reason, of the existence of a community. Interaction is only possible if an everyday basis of values is created. The worse the interaction, the worse the economy. The exchange of economic values is also the exchange of immaterial values and vice versa.

A community that pretends to be tied to an economy without common values will soon fall apart or become a gang of individuals. The European Union was founded from the outset on the ideology of the economic community solely on steel. It is doomed to collapse if it does not upgrade its economy with values.


Identity is not identity unless it is differentiated. It is distinguished across borders from other identities. Differences (across borders), then its fundamental value is the protection of borders (the border of identity in the symbolic and physical sense of the word). A Community that does not have a standard policy (as the realization of values) of border management is not a Community. Suppose a country transfers part of the sovereignty of border management to a higher community, but the higher community is not sovereign in border management. In that case, the identity of that country is also at risk.

Only a clearly differentiated identity (strong individual or strong community) is able to interact or connect with other individuals and communities. Boundless identities are not identities and can, therefore, neither connect nor cooperate but can only be melted in chaotic collapse.

Identities that are distinct and actually identities because of their differentiation can only change themselves, but they cannot change other identities. This applies to both individuals and communities. The community can or should only protect itself (protect identity) but cannot (must) interfere with other identities. It can only lead by example.

Supremacy of individual

If the community’s power decreases due to its heterogeneity (value imbalance), then supranational institutions become superior to national institutions, national institutions become superior to local institutions, and ultimately, local institutions become superior to the individual. The one who should be subordinate becomes the ruler.

The smaller the community, the more robust and less fragile it is (after N.N. Taleb, Antifragile and Skin in the Game).

Democracy is void of values

Democracy is one possible option for creating values and stories, but it is not a substitute for values and is, therefore, not a value in itself. A community that imagines that mere democracy (formal democracy) is a sufficient condition for forming a common identity is without identity.


Because of its history, Slovenia has the potential for a strong identity. The potential lies in the fact that the misunderstood role of formal democracy has prevented (criminalized) public debate on common values. Neither independence nor EU accession are values in themselves, so when they are achieved, they seem like coherent events but without lasting effect. They created the illusion of identity.

Welfare state

The welfare state as a constitutional category is (if it is) a consequence of the value system. Welfare is not a value; it is a wish. Without a foundation of values, welfare becomes a devastating utopia. Without a foundation of values, the welfare state is a non-binding construct everyone can understand differently. Thus, the construct does not unify but divides.

A decline of Europe

The branding formula is a concise framework for building identity. Nine values must be defined and aligned: vision, mission, utility, comparative advantage, personality, values, and finally, functional, emotional, and experiential promises. This rational model can be a fundamental tool for rational brand/identity management when agreed upon and generally accepted.

Europe cannot synchronize most of the essential characteristics of identity, such as the value of individual freedoms, economic freedoms, individual sovereignty over a collective, etc., nor can it agree on the protection of borders. So, it has no identity, no will to define and protect identity, and therefore no reason to exist.

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