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How to define competitive position?

How to define competitive position?

Competitive (market) position rests on a brand’s competitive advantage, which is written in brand identity. It is written like any biological advantage of any living creature is written in the genome and executed in phenotype.  

The brand identity formula is the brand’s/living creature genome.

The brand identity formula has a simple structure but offers an option to develop rich complexity of aligned stories. Stories are the genome’s phenotypes. Stories are a brand’s moments of truth. Each story executes a competitive advantage.

You may notice in the brand formula that one of its elements is a competitive advantage. So, is a competitive advantage, in fact, explained with that single brand identity element?


I take this peculiarity of brand formula as the most advantageous part of brand identity definition as a part of the Standard Branding Model(c). The richness of each brand identity element is revealed only in interaction with all other elements. So, competitive advantage does not lie in competitive advantage as a part of the brand identity formula only. It is inscribed in identity as a whole as much as personality does not lie in personality only but is reflected in brand identity as a whole.

The whole living body is/emanates a competitive advantage!

The next question is how to come from a competitive advantage to a competitive market position.

Competitive market position results from adequately selected, aligned, and put in place and time brand moments of truth. The selection of the most suited and most efficient moments of truth and their placement in time and space is called marketing.

The competitive market position of an individual, of a human, is to define his identity, stick to it, and execute it in every situation, every moment.

Should you be interested in a fully elaborated form, please find it in Brandlife.  

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