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What comes first, unity or values?

What comes first, unity or values?

While attending the Bled Strategic Forum in 2019, Josep Borell, present foreign minister of Spain and most possible future EU foreign representative, made a clear statement to Slovenian media:

Europe needs unity to become third largest global economic power.

That is a solid and appealing statement, but unfortunately, it is wrong. It is wrong not because unity would not be needed to become powerful but because unity is a result, or better, the emergence of complex interactions of values embodied in the bodies and hearts of Europeans.

Values come first. Embodied values (in contrast to declared values).

What is dangerous in Mr. Borell’s statement is not what he said but what he omitted to say. Unsurprisingly, he omitted to put values first, for values and identity are two politically unacceptable topics in Europe.

Mentioning values, one cannot but open dispute about European values. Opening European values, one cannot but open the question of what are not European values, thus opening the question of how the alien values of various migrants fit into European values. Since this question necessarily opens the issue of the prevailing culture, integration, and the question of who should adapt to whom, the whole set is taken as improper, indecent, and even fascistoid.

But what is even more dreadful for politically correct EU politicians is the question of identity. This is no surprise since identity is inseparable from values. Identity emerges from values as much as phenotype emerges from genetic code and its replication.

No values – no identity. If identity, then necessarily values.

What is well known from biology, evolution, physics, social behavior, management, etc., is that one cannot force unity but only harvest values that, if all point in a similar direction (common culture), trigger a strong identity, which is a prerequisite of a strong body with a strong economy. One that blindly forces unity without considering values that enable unity is destroying both values and unity. 

No body (nobody) can avoid facing identity and value questions, as official Europe does almost from the very beginning, for each human feels the importance of values and identity even if he does not understand underlying philosophy, psychology, and biology. EU agenda creators (leaders) can bluff themselves, and supported by mainstream intellectuals, they bluff with the apparent license of those “who know,” but ordinary people smell the trick even if they do not understand it.

…… …… ……

This post was written in September 2019, four and a half years after I was proven right not only on scientific grounds but also on grounds of the reality we are living in now. 

The EU unity weakened. Not only did the political division between left and right orientations deepen, but there was a backlash of the EU unity on almost any level of civil society. Two events that seemed to trigger EU unity in the first moment, the COVID “crisis” and the Ukrainian war, soon pushed Europe into an even more profound identity crisis than before. COVID panic reactions of almost all EU states obstructed travel and social relations. Borders between states, regions, and even municipalities appeared. In combination with the slow acceptance of the immigration crisis, national borders appeared again despite the perhaps only EU value that I can name: free flow of trade, capital, and people. The first unanimous support to Ukraine against Russian attack soon acquired the tag of political elitism supported by a leftist agenda. 

Common European values nowadays are even less tangible than they were in 2019.

Let me propose the answer to why this is so.

The answer lies in the response to the Ukrainian war. My above statement that the support of Zelensky is a leftist agenda is namely not correct. True leftists, namely, support Putin. Well, not really! True rightists support Putin because of his anti-woke statements. We, not really, some anti-woke rightists support Zelensky, who is himself a wokeist. Some rightists support Trump as a rightist even though he does not support Zelensky. 

The above confusion proves that the right becomes the left, and the left becomes the right, which is predictable. If you go right (east) on Earth, you come to the west and vice versa. This also proves my Political brane topology and, even more, my statements about Conservatism and political bell topology. Europe has no conservatism, at least not among political parties, MSM, and academia. Perhaps it is found among farmers blocking EU capitals, demanding them to end carbon-free eco-terrorism. We do not yet know if farmers are not going to succumb to the attacks of NGOs supported by MSM and political correctness. What is clear is that there is almost no chance for a conservative party to emerge in Europe; thus, there is no chance that anyone would take seriously the issue of values that might trigger the EU unity.

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