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Who lives and who understands?

Who lives and who understands?

A person in a picture is the essence of branding.

A brand of a creature incorporated in the character in the picture, God Chamundi Mahavishnu, is detached from a physical body. The picture was taken years ago on some Kerala festival when this reincarnation of the God Vishnu plays an important role.

A brand is a story physically tied to a body and, as such, becomes one with the body. The man in the picture is simultaneously the brand vehicle and the brand itself.

But on the other hand, this example clearly shows that a brand is much more than a sign or a logo. It is much more than the body attachment to the story. It is a bundle of well-connected (well-tied) stories.

This example also shows that stories always relate to a specific audience (segment) that, in fact, constantly upgrades stories and the brand itself. It is those who are infected by a specific brand that can change this brand and make him alive with such act(s). More precisely, being infected means being part of a particular memetic field. Brand, as a meme entering a memetic field of a person, co-creates his subjectivity. A person who enters intersubjective relations on a festival like the one devoted to the God Chamundi Mahavishnu reinforces the collective memetic field, meaning that he reinforces the social cohesion of the community he belongs to. Social cohesion means the realignment of vectors of memes entering the collective memetic field.

On the other hand, it is only the one that does not relate to that brand that can detach a brand from its vehicle. We can see brands detached while the brand’s audience becomes part of it, immersed and, as such, unable to discern the brand’s logic. We, as non-members, understand what members live and do not understand. They live in it, meaning that they really understand even though they most probably cannot rationalize their understanding.

Those who rationalize do not really understand. They are intelligent but not wise. Those who walk the talk are better when walking in silence.

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