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Life equation

Life equation

Let’s repeat QH (quality of Higgs)

F’in’g = ν x (st)


QH = F’in’g

The quality of Higgs does not take multitude (ν) times time-space into account. This means that this quality (QH) has more possible values than the number of all possible values of our Universe. For that reason, I gave F’in G’ nickname “fucking”.

But that “fucking” large happens only if considered scientifically. Or better: it explains why the scientific method, as valuable as it is, multiplies paradoxes with each new advancement. Science is, in fact, very much Socratic: the more that is discovered, fewer sense discoveries make. The closer we are to the object examined, the less we see. This is the main message of the F’in’g = ν x (st) equation.

But this equation and the problem can be approached holistically from the opposite side.

F’in’g is a precise place where Möbius’s strip turns around.


And as we know, there is no precise point or line where the Möbius strip turns around. You cannot scientifically analyze, or dissect, the Möbius strip. There is no unique point or line there that would either break or not break the symmetry.

We could say that F’in’g = ν x (st) represented through the Möbious strip is another mathematical expression of the uncertainty principle.

F’in’g is at the same time unit for phase transition. It »happens« as a phase transition from our Universe (of morality) to the next one (ones) that we are linked within the realm of quantum particles on one side and the yet next one (ones) that we are connected within the realm of universes. Life is placed in this F’in’g phase transition realm on the edge of the smallest and largest entities we can perceive or comprehend. These two phase sides that seem as if on the opposite side of mass are, in fact, closest to each other (like a F’in’g phase transition of one side of Möbius strip to another side) – but at the same time discontinuous (in the realm of uncertainty principle).

If we prove discontinuity of everything with the entanglement of Higgs F’in’g value – it could be said that our argument rests on a vicious circle, or better on Möbius strip. This strip, as a story, transgresses not only Aristotelian logic but as much quantum realm  (very small) and the realm of general relativity (very large). As such, this metaphor beautifully describes the qualities of life. Not only microbiology but also quantum mechanics prove that life does not rest within the limits of DNA (genotype) on one side and living body (phenotype) on another. Life, as something that replicates and rests on autocatalytic function, can be found on all levels of size. Complexity as a prerequisite for life can be found in all sizes. Not that DNA and RNA are the smallest units of life. Amino acids and perhaps even parts of them are vastly complex, autocatalytic, and thus also alive. But also entities further above the size of the human body are alive. Brands, companies, Gaia, …

This proves that if taken scientifically, the F’in’g = ν x (st) equation leads to regression ad absurdum. But if taken as a simple metaphor for life, as a sense-making story, it brings us a plentitude of options to understand what is essential and not only what is measured.


This is the fifth edition of the post written in August 2012 and is partly abused in Homonism.

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