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The Petition Against Political ecology

The Petition Against Political ecology


Political ecology as a concept and social movement is a disguise for communism.

Political economy

You might need clarification on Wikipedia’s quotation about political economy. To attribute political economy to Adam Smith, for instance, is preposterous for me trying to go deeper into the interplay between political economy and political ecology.

I understand that ordinary people up-brought in a market economy can fantasise about the origins and meaning of “political economy”. For a person like me, that have studied in ’80 in Yugoslavia, in the last phase of the formal rule of communism, political economy has one meaning only: “Marxist economy”. From the perspective of communist ideology, there were only two types of economy: the right one, political economy, preaching marxism, and capitalist economy preaching… preaching… forget it! No one cared about what the capitalist economy stood for. There was only an economy that was taught under the title of political economy. Adam Smith was not a part of it. He did not exist for political economy in socialist/communist countries.

After the fall of the Berlin wall and after Yugoslavia fell apart and newly established countries slipped (apparently, but not in reality) into a market economy, the term political economy disappeared. It should be impossible to plea for the political economy after all economies that followed the political economy paradigm broke one after another. Such a situation, not to refer to the beloved political economy, was quite a disaster for communists/collectivists.

What to do?

Ecology as a disguise for communism

Since the economy was more or less lost, a new field where collectivist ideology could be spread around was needed. Ecology came in extremely handy for this purpose. Global warming replaced capitalists and imperialists as a threat against which all of us have to fight against under the flag of international Comintern … ups… sorry, under the banner of the United front of politically correct states, United Nations and IPCC. The enemy that threatens us, now climate change, demands that we suppress our daily needs and join and die for the collective of the United Front against Climate Change under the flag of The New Order.  It is not Stalin anymore that we have to support without hesitation, but Al Gore, Bill Gates and Clauss Schwab’s widespread collective that acts as KGB from old mother, Russia. Even reasonably politically correct Reuters noticed it.

Contemporary KGB of Climate Change fighters became so self-confident that now they openly brand themselves under the name of political ecology. Reading mission statements of political ecology or social ecology ambassadors is like reading Lenin’s VKPb manifesto for the environmental revolution.

A need to fight entropy

A collectivist meme is a virus capable of mutating fast enough not to be suspicious but with such fidelity that it does not ruin its identity. This virus also perfectly matches the second law of thermodynamics. The ideology behind it supports absolute equalisation, absolute equilibrium, the highest possible entropy, and thus death. Like any other entropy, it happens as a natural consequence. A conscious and continuous fight against such entropy, a war that Erwin Schrödinger called life, is thus needed. Destruction of individuals, collectivisation, and equalisation comes by default. Such tendencies will not simply cease to exist. The constant fight against; continuous life is needed to counteract this deadly consequence of collectivism, entropy.

This blog is a humble attempt to fight for life.


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