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Higgs boson un-mistery

Higgs boson un-mistery

Higgs boson mass should be between 125 and 127  GeV/c2, according to a 2012 CERN discovery. When proved with 5 or more sigma, it should have a mass somewhere there, and with that, it would fill one of the existing gaps in the standard model of quantum mechanics. Since Higgs boson “explains” how some particles get mass, Higgs could lead to the unification of quantum theory (digital, small-scale) and gravitational theory (analogue, large scale).  We could say Higgs brought not only all 4 forces of nature closer to one GUT (Grand Unifying Theory) but also the digital (quantum) and analogue (non-quantum) worlds, the one that speaks one language.

I am fully aware that the story presented in the previous paragraph is far-fetched, even from the standpoint of the craziest physicists. But what is true is that GUT is every physicist’s dream. It is a holy grail of reductionism and the prevailing philosophy of post-renaissance science.

I would understand this dream on a lower level as well:  It is comparable to a moment where good old LP records (analogue – Einstein-like) could be read by CD (digital) players: and vice versa, of course. That is why some call the Higgs boson “god’s particle” and some more modest “the champagne bottle boson”.

As it is implied with the analogue-digital record analogy: the Higgs boson was proved, but discovery is not going to close the champagne bottle (the bottle is going to stay open and sparkling at the same time!), and it will not unify theories as much as sides on Möbius strip are at the same time two and at the same time one only.

Particle physicists are making wrong conclusions since they do not take into account the following simple and solid equations of any particle that is going to be discovered in the future (including Higgs). It does not describe its mass but its “quality” – which should be added to spin, colour, electric charge, and other quantifications of particles.

F’in’g = ν x (st)


QH = F’in’g

F’in’g is Force in gravity, but at the same time as “fucking” (taken as a technical term and not as four letter word)
ν is as usual frequency but in a sense that covers quantity as well. Frequency combines (unifies) wave and particle. Photon, for example, is described in such a manner.

But are not all quants sharing similar “quality” of being something that exists only as oscillation? And further, as proven for all other human size phenomena, all of them exist only in relation to, as intersubjective; all exist as oscillations only.

(st) as spacetime confines this function to the whole Universe regardless of a particular dimension or place, but always in time.

The second equation defines the quality of the Higgs boson as F’in’g.

What happened after the Higgs boson was discovered or, better said: proved? According to Einstein’s mass conservation principle, QH is going to be found in Higgs2  as QH2(not yet theoretically envisioned and not yet named). It is going to be the F’in’g property of Higgs2 – and so on (regression ad infinitum).

This theory can also be proved by the entanglement principle. The QH is already entangled in time with QH2 – which is possible because of (st), spacetime continuity. Entanglement, already proven in space for quantum particles, is according to (st) necessary in time as well. We should say that particle qualities are entangled in time as well – so we (as a part of the particle’s world) are entangled in time. Reincarnation is proven by quantum theory.


As my readers might expect, not much was said about the Higgs boson itself in this post. For all of you that would like to get closer to Higgs, please find this reference of Anna Kurcikova I have found it recently. A good starting point for all of us that did not reach PhD in physics.

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