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Homonism - published

Homonism - published

A memetic baby was finally born; 444 pages published by Schollers Press.

Homonism. A term I coined because I found the concept of humanism insufficient and misleading. Humanism unwittingly led the Western civilisation deep into totalitarianism, society against an individual, and political correctness against the freedom of the individual.

Homonism, as developed in this book, is not only the philosophy of conservatism but the philosophy of sustainable life for a man and for society. It is an interpretation of what is going wrong at the beginning of the 21st century and what to do to make our lives more sustainable and happier.

Homonism is ambitious, perhaps even too ambitious. It opens important questions of philosophy, ethics, and morality with the help of memetics, neuroscience and the theory of complex systems. Homonism explains the topic through basic situations of the life of a common person, society, state, economy, micro-economy, freemasonry, reporting and digitalisation. It is my sincere belief that one can understand the complexity of life only if seen from as many perspectives as possible.

This blog has helped me to develop homonism. There are some posts that are rewritten for Homonism. And new posts that will develop new aspects are going to appear here in the future. The journey is not finished yet, it never will.

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