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The rise of global collectivism

The rise of global collectivism

As already presented in the post, Another breakdown of the welfare state concept, the COVID pandemic, made transparent some anomalies of contemporary society that were not so obvious before.

It would be a mistake to conclude from the mentioned post that the welfare state will break down and make a place for a more responsible state, which does not prevent individuals from excelling in freedom and responsibility. Unfortunately, it will not, but it will go even further down. This spiral down looks like sunk cost fallacy, well known in economics when an entrepreneur stick to a plan even though it is clear (from the outside) that it leads to higher costs with no result because the entrepreneur cannot accept sunk cost. Quite the same happens to gamblers that their strategy will overcome sunk cost. Since each step enlarges the quantity of sunk cost, it is less possible for a gambler to step back with each further step.

Should there be an outside observer that would warn us with enough credibility about the welfare sunk cost tragedy we are stuck in, there would be at least a slight chance to avoid it. However, there is no one out there.

A proof?

Global reaction to COVID phenomenon. (I do not use COVID crisis, and the reason is found in this post). Apart from Brazil, which is in the western intellectual majority taken as a barbaric dictatorship, and thus opposite to credibility, all other countries take COVID as a crisis even more than two years after an outbreak.

The consequences of such policies are severe.

Let me explain the consequences concerning antivaxers. Most antivaxers take the vaccination as a capital breach of their freedoms. They are right and wrong at the same time. They are right for measures that governments force us to vaccination even if vaccination is not mandatory limit our freedoms. However, they are not correct because they do not bring in play the other side of freedom, which is responsibility. Furthermore, by responsibility, I am not targeting the usual social responsibility towards all those who live around me. Although social responsibility is vital in this respect, it is not crucial for my argument.

I aim at personal responsibility, the responsibility to protect my own life. It is my life; I am the only one who can live, but I am allowing somebody else to manage this responsibility for me, the state. Antivaxers do not see that they cannot expect freedom unless they literary take responsibility. Literary means that they build bottom-up the structures needed for a society to face COVID (and other treats). They would like freedoms while expecting the state to manage burdens (better). They do not understand that freedom comes only with the management of burdens associated. The agent taking responsibility is free. The one that does not, is not.

As mentioned, there is no state on earth that I would be aware of that does not understand itself as the agent with the burden of protecting its people from COVID. Globally the freedoms are transferred to states.

How is this possible if different states have different ruling coalitions, some left and others right? Would not one expect different political orientations to lead to different COVID management? Yes, if left-right political stratification would make sense; in other words: if left-right stratification would explain what is essential in politics. However, it is not.

Moreover, this is just another confirmation of Political brane topology or upgraded Political bell topology (published shortly in Homonism, Drapal 2022). Fortunately, I am not emotionally affected, for this theory is not accepted. I do not care. I have much fun with it, and it gives me an opportunity for my personal intellectual growth whenever I encounter an event that proves it, like this one.

There are left and right governments worldwide, but there is no conservative government because all are progressive. Progressivists believes that his measures, his utopia, has to be applied for the salvation of the word. Stalin did it, Hitler did it, and all governments are doing it at the moment on the scale of the COVID situation.

Is COVID global collectivist handling less pernicious than Hitler or Stalin genocides in the name of the higher cause were? I am afraid not. And I am not talking about the allegations of antivaxers that vaccines cause genocide. The genocide is not caused by vaccination of physical vaccine, but by memetic intoxication of collectivism and welfare state.

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