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Big Brother is theoretically impossible

Big Brother is theoretically impossible

It is in the nature of any complex system to forget. We know this from experience, but the second law of thermodynamics also proves it. Entropy could be understood as memory loss. A system in perfect equilibrium has nothing to remember because all particles are in unchanged relationships with each other. A system with lower entropy, with higher order, has something to forget. To forget means to balance, to enter a state of higher entropy.

So we as humans (complex living systems) are by definition subject to “memory loss” over time. It is known that this happens because neuron connections weaken over time. They get weaker, and they get weaker even faster when they are not used. Therefore, it should be said that we don’t forget data; we “forget” connections. Data does not represent memory, and therefore knowledge, connections do!

The same rule should apply to “data” stored in the digital meta-world. Data can stay, but data without connections have no value. A system with lots of data but no connections have nothing to forget, has no knowledge. So if there is such a thing as Big Brother, then that something is subject to the same laws of forgetting as you or I am.

But then you say: that is precisely what we should be afraid of! The power of Big Brother is to link data and acquire specific knowledge about us living in our parallel world. But in doing so, you make a mistake: The moment a connection becomes tangible, it changes its substance from connection to data. When a connection is fossilized, it becomes data. Connections can only exist as something that goes and passes away at that moment. They are not tangible. Connections cannot be petrified! Knowledge cannot be petrified. Memes cannot be petrified.

For Big Brother to be in an omnipotent position, in a position where “he” would have higher knowledge than any human, “he” should have a human-like subjectivity. He should be able to live in contexts that lead to knowledge. The moment he is an entity interpreted by humans, all “his” contexts cease to exist as contexts and all “he” has ceased to exist as knowledge.

So Big Brother is theoretically impossible.

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