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2021 Gift Box

2021 Gift Box

Dear readers, followers, un-followers, non-minders, branders and memologists!

I have three important and uniquely designed news for you as a holiday gift:

  1. Days are getting longer on the northern hemisphere, shorter on the southern hemisphere. At the same time, on average, there is less and less light in our Universe according to the second law of thermodynamics. The entropy grows!
  2. While it is true that people get an average number of presents on average in one year, it is also true that some of them get noticeably crazy in this part of the year. I consider this as their fight against averages; in other words against entropy.
  3.  All those that will survive COVID are going to feel pain from memetic COVID. While physical COVID is acute, memetic COVID will prove to be enduring.

I want to enlighten you with some more news, but that would break my first gift from my Gift Box. Yes. I want to fight both against entropy and to give respect to all those few that gathered around this blog. I hope you feel privileged for not being a part of indistinguishable mass but a representative of almost extinct part of human species as much as I do. We are not allowed to congregate in larger groups, and I tend to follow this rule also for a digital environment. 

But let me skip pleasantries and jump directly to 2021 Gift Box. Feel free to take whichever item and as many as you like. You are not obliged to follow Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Candy Nr.1: Whenever you encounter advice that starts with “Three easy steps to achieve … (this or that)“, run away.

Candy Nr.2: Whenever you encounter advice that starts with: “Five easy steps to achieve … (this or that)“, run away. Although five exceeds three by two, it is still so highly improbable that any list of five steps would make any sense in a complex life structure, that fast escape is action having the highest return on investment in such case.

Candy Nr.3: Whenever you encounter advice that starts with: “… (whatever natural number) steps to achieve … (this or that)“, run away. Remind yourself that while your next step is almost 100% predestined with your previous step, the level of “predestination” decreases dramatically with each step further back. We are not complicated digital machines but complex living entities that largely rest on analogue unpredictability.

Candy Nr.4: Whenever you have to turn on the light, it is good to know that there is only one step needed to do this. If anyone starts to complicate procedures leading to turning lights on or off do take in consideration that such complication is as much nonsensical as if someone starts to explain three, five or any other number of steps in producing, distributing and selling electricity. The hoax of misplacing complexity (non-linear, analogue, life-like) with complications (linear, digital, machine-like) is one of the most expensive ones in the history of humankind.

Candy Nr.5: Report such malpractices to the United Nations immediately.

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