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The Order of Freedom

The Order of Freedom

I started to write this blog in 2008 couple of months before my first “solo” book was published, How things Emerge (Kako stvari vznikajo) , still available in Slovene language only. It was titled The Order of Emergence.

I have changed the title in “The Order of Freedom” as one might have noticed very recently. Why?

How emergence emerged

My first book main topic was emergence, as the title explains. Although I still recognize appalling ignorance around the concept of emergence, it does not make sense for me to prove the importance of this concept and explain it from so many angles as you can still find in so many posts here any more. Those of you, that believe in intelligent design, central planning, Keynesian economy, national and supra-national development plans and projects, collective primacy, state governed economy, linear causality, supremacy of one race, supremacy of one clan, blank slate, …, will not be convinced by my writings even if published by Random house.

For each of above mentioned concepts that I strongly oppose, there is at least one post in this blog and several other authors destroying them much better that I as non native speaker and non-academic person can ever do. I have accepted the fact that you, believers in above mentioned concepts, are representing majority of global “intellectual sphere” while we on another side are accepted but at the same time dismissed. Hayek won Nobel prize, but Gunnar Myrdal that won the prize the same year, never accepted the challenge to discuss his ideas with his opponent. Yet there are Myrdal ideas that all national economies are following in practice despite he is now almost forgotten while Hayek grows through time.

You will not like this paragraph

Dear reader, I have to warn you, that it was not a mistake to claim that if you are believer in state governed economy you are at the same time believer in intelligent design and supremacy of one race. You might not accept this fact and you might feel another way, but you cannot avoid this fact as much as you can not avoid gravity.

How the issue of freedom emerged

And here we are. Emergence for complex system is like gravity for mass. and by the same token something “unexpected” emerged from my continuous writing over past 15 years: the issue of freedom and freedoms.

Note that freedom does not emerge, the issue of freedom emerged. Freedom represents a substance of any complex system, let it be physical or social complexity. It is a powerful concept in physics for instance, not only in philosophy. It is a basic concept, basic value that comes first and that as such is a precondition for emergence of order. And as expected one should understand order in physical, biological (genetic and memetic) and social realities.

And Homonism at last

It is thus right to refocus this blog from emergence to the precondition of all emergencies, to freedom and to freedoms. For that reason I have introduced a completely novel concept of homonism that allows us to understand freedom in opposition to humanism. So last couple of years were already devoted to this basic value and no surprise, the next book’s title is: Homonism.

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