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Live appearance at last!

Live appearance at last!

For all thousands of Andrej Drapal fans, there is a very good news.

I’m frequently receiving requests to reveal Andrej Drapal identity at least on video if not in person. There are rumours around that behind there is no real person. Like no one yet met Satoshi, creator of Bitcoin, Andrej Drapal so far never revealed his picture nor his identity.

I have decided to end this mystery. Video attached to this post is a cut from a longer presentation that Andrej had on this year Bledcom conference. It is about the purpose of communication and an underlying myth that the aim of communication should be to win a symmetry.

So here he is in person. Believe it or not. Better not. For: how could one be sure that the one that declares himself as Andrej Drapal was the real one. Who could claim that a brand Andrej Drapal really supports trademark Andrej Drapal. Then? Now? 10 years ago?

But, leaving important details and questions behind, what you see is really the closest approximation of Andrej Drapal. That he himself did not recognized himself is of negligible importance.

The clip is short, leaving many, many questions unanswered, so check whole video. Allan Kelly Playmakers System is a thought provoking taxonomy of communication strategies. worth considering and assessing.


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