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What is that ties creationists and evolutionists together?

What is that ties creationists and evolutionists together?

According to evolutionary theory, every complex system evolves.

Consequently: creationism evolves as well.

Since science (geology, physics…) proved beyond every (?) doubt that Universe is 13.7 billion years old, and that after “big bang” Universe evolved following some strict laws, what does this mean for creationists belief. If science says 4,5 billion years for Earth, how could creationists give her only 6000 biblical years.

One should not be surprised by persistence of creationists but by the blindness of evolutionary theoreticians taking creationism as the only system that does not evolve; meaning that it is not a (complex) system. A solid creationist knows laws of evolution and accepts them, but does not integrate them. A solid evolutionist should know that according to Godel incompleteness law (there is always a statement in a system that cannot be explained by the system itself), there should be a spot in evolutionary theory that cannot be explained by evolutionary theory. Creationism is one of such possible spots.

And vice versa. Evolutionary theory represents a blind spot for creationism. They are sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without another. First one is consistent about “what it is”, later one about “what it means”.

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